Your Daily News Brief

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Hello, welcome to my humble news blog! Here, you will find different news stories from around the world summarized in a quick, easy-to-understand fashion. My goal in creating this page is to help people who may not necessarily have the time to comb through the daily news remain aware of what’s happening around the world. Whether it be elections, conflict, treaties, or a range of other topics, I hope this page helps you stay informed.

Please note that I will avoid talking about politics as much as possible, particularly American politics, and will remain as unbiased in my summaries as possible. My intention is to educate, not create poisonous political debate. As such, I will not be utilizing news network reporting such as that of Fox News, ABC, CNN, CBS, or NBC. Instead, I will rely heavily on a number of sources of journalistic integrity, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Guardian, Reuters, Vox, NPR, and Al Jazeera. I will only use major news network reporting when I have no other options. In addition, to develop the background behind the issues, which is vital to fully understanding the issue at hand, I will not only use the sources above, but also Wikipedia, which I admit is not always of the highest integrity. However, it does provide some of the most profound background, complete with dates, names, and other important contextual information, which will help you, the reader, better understand the complexities of such issues.

If you have any questions, suggestions for improvements, or are interested in a certain story and would like me to cover it, feel free to contact me! I hope you enjoy and learn.

– Benjamin