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  • Building a wall along the Mexican-American border could have the opposite effect of its intended purpose
    • Since the 2008 Recession, the net outflow of Mexican immigrants is larger than the inflow because of a decreasing number of available jobs and a slow economic recovery
    • Building a wall would increase economic uncertainty in Mexico’s economy, leading immigrants already in the US to stay and others in Mexico to feel a need to try entering the US


  • Studies on this topic have conflicting results. However, the study reported on here says
    • Having more black officers appears to increase the number of fatal encounters between officers and civilians until black officers make up 25% of the force
    • Fatal encounters only decrease after black officers comprise 40% of a police force


  • Peter Navarro, the head of the National Trade Council, may be one of the most threatening member’s of Trump’s inner circle
    • He wants to close the US’s involvement in the international economic system, which would lead other countries to bypass or retaliate against the US (essentially a global trade war), isolating the US and potentially causing a global economic depression
    • Navarro appears to be a hard-line mercantilist with a zero-sum mindset antithetical to the pillars of free trade
    • His greatest enemy by far is China, with whom he believes the US will inevitably engage in warfare with over resources
    • He wants high tariffs, rescinding of trade pacts, and a military buildup against China, potentially by increasing military ties with Taiwan
  • If Trump does what Navarro suggests (draconian tariffs on other countries, pulling out of the World Trade Organization, etc), there will be a global economic depression (the last one led to the fascist regimes of Germany, Italy, and Japan by the way) and other countries will quickly shift towards China, isolating the United States


This article provides other interesting reading on the rapidly advancing Technology Age and its relation to human labor in the future

  • Over the next 10-15 years, technology will replace 47 percent of all US jobs
  • The important question is whether the US will be ready for this 80 million job shift and what it will mean for the economy, laborers, education, and the future of jobs in America


Does Trump have the authority to “send in the feds” to Chicago?

  • Is it legal?
    • Yes.. maybe. The Insurrection Act of 1807 allows a president to deploy troops anywhere in the US when there are unlawful obstructions or rebellion against federal law unenforceable through judicial proceedings.
    • Used by Lincoln, Eisenhower (Little Rock), Kennedy (University of Mississippi riots against a black student being accepted), and Bush during Katrina relief efforts in 2005
  • Can the law be used in Chicago
    • Not unless there is a clear violation of federal law, which murder is not. 
    • Under the Constitution, police powers fall to the states so the federal government typically lacks the power to make decisions for a city unless a local jurisdiction requests help.

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